Make a Halal Snack Pack at home

At once an icon of multicultural culinary diversity, a symbol of tolerance amongst religious diversity and a beacon for drunken late-night snack seekers, the Halal Snack Pack manages to be, on every level, more than the sum of its parts. 

Brought to initial prominence by a 180,000-strong Facebook group, the 'HSP' was further thrust into the neon limelight in connection with the controversy around a prominent right-wing extremist politician decrying the Halal accreditation process as 'funding terrorism'. She was subsequently offered one of the snack boxes on live television by a reporter; an offer she declined.

Constructed of hot chips (with chicken salt, of course), cheese, kebab meat, and the 'holy trinity' of garlic sauce, BBQ sauce and chilli sauce, the cult snack has garnered international fame.

I investigated the phenomenon for, and developed a recipe for making your own Halal Snack Pack at home*. 

*- only for emergencies. Nothing beats the kebab shop original.

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